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Sept. 24, 2009 --- I just wanted to say thank you for this product!  I have tried everything on my wife's jeep wheels.
This stuff is unbelievable! They look brand new. I watched your video, and I figured, I might as well try it. Well it works like magic! Thank you so much for a product that actually works! This saved me from buying new rims for her Jeep. New rims would have cost me about $400. Total Time about 1 hour for 4 rims. I can't believe how fast i got your product after I ordered it.
FANTASTIC COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will let all my friends know about this product
John, In Florida

Sept. 15, 2009 --- Mr. Crissey, I recently received you aluminum polish in the mail.  I have been trying for two years to renew the shine on the aluminum Saleen wheels on my 04 mustang.  I had neglected them for a few years and worried that I had ruined them for good.  I tried all the other brand names, such as Mother's, meguiar's...I even tired the power ball, nothing worked.  When your bottles came in the mail, I was hopeful but skeptical.  I WAS WRONG.
  You are a genius. It took very little work to bring the shine and lust back to my wheels with your polish.  I was amazed at not only the shine, but how actual little effort it took to restore them.  Praise to you, Gord.  Your product is absolute genius. Thanks, L. Helm

April 9, 2008---Mr. Crissey, I purchased your polishing kit and was very pleased at the results of the Gord's product on a Mercury Sportmaster racing gear case. These outboard engine lower units are used on Mercury Racing engines and are delivered in a mat finish. The case I have was purchased used and very oxidized. Within an hour I had removed the oxidation and given the case a chrome like appearance. I did find that a green Scotch Brite pad works very well for the application of the product. I tried the steel wool and consider the pad much easier to work with and allows for more constant pressure over a larger area as well as getting into small tight spots. Latex gloves are a must. You have a very fine product. Many thanks. M. Meier, Fredericksburg, VA 

March 21,08 --- Gord, I have tried every advertised wheel cleaner/brake dust remover over a 9 month period. I was ready to purchase new wheels when I ran across your aluminum cleaner. Well instead of buying new wheels I purchased a 4 ounce bottle and received it today. I went out and put some on one wheel and like magic it worked. And very easy to boot. That stuff was heaven sent. I have never bought anything my 65 years that actually worked as advertised. Well, yours worked, and better than you said. The break dust/rust is gone. It shines like a mirror as they did when I purchased them. Thank you for truth in advertising. The best stuff on the planet. My old truck is show quality
again. I am telling everyone I know about your fine product.
Thanks for a fine product
F. DiPietro, Tarpon Springs, FL

February 24,08 --- Gords Aluminum & Chrome Polish & Sealer is the best! I live in Maineand drive a log truck and in the winter I run in snow, sleet, freezing rain, and they use sand/salt and liquid calcium on the roads and takes hell on my wheels and the rest of aluminum and chrome. With Gords it cuts my polishing time down to two to three hours instead of all day.Thanks for making a great product. T. Goucher, Wayne, Maine        

January 15, 08 ---- I purchased the trucker kit from your website a week ago.  I must say hesitantly though.  Based entirely from one of my drivers recommendations, I made the purchase based entirely on his amazing review of your product.  I used your aluminum polish on one of my trucks today and I cannot believe how easy this product went on and came off.  Also, the longevity of the polish is better than any other polish I have ever used.  The shine on the first coat alone made it worth every penny.  I am now looking forward to using the other products that came with kit knowing it will live up to it's reputation "Mirror Shine Everytime".  Thanks for the great products and looking forward to doing a life time of business with you. M. Dillion "Marshall Dillion" Burlington, North Carolina

October 25, 07---- I have used your polish on my Vintage Silver Streak trailer and have been amazed how quickly a real reflective shine can be achieved. Thanks for a Brilliant Product. I. McMurran, Greater Manchester, England

October 7, 07---- Tried the 4oz Sample and it worked Great! I am now ordering a 32oz. Thank you Gord's  K. Sherman, Los Angeles, California

September 19, 07---- Thanks for the sample! I am Hooked! D. Kumbera, Colorado Springs, Colorado

September 7, 07----  This is probably the best polish/cleaner and wax I've ever seen or used! It has saved my hog from 3 years of neglect. Finally a product that does what is claimed! Thank you ! B.  Ferguson, Kingston, New York

August 24, 07 ----   This aluminum polish is UNBELIEVABLE!!!  It's so easy to use and brings even diamond plate back from the dead!! Thank you,  J. Scheidt, Merrellville, IN

July 26, 07 ---- I just received a 16oz bottle and it's Excellent  L. Newberry, Exit 10 Inc., Altamonte Springs,  FL

July 20, 07 ---  Love the polish, makes my life so much easier. I spend a lot of time  cleaning and polishing my truck and your product does wonders. E. Mohr, Circle "M" Family Farms, Greenfield, IN

July 18, 07 --- This is the greatest.... Thanks!  R. Krause, Fruitland, ID

July 16, 07 --- Thank You! M. Monica, Madison, NJ

July 13, 07 ----  Gord, Your products worked great on my Airstream D. Antie Jr., Baton Rouge, LA

July 11, 07 --- This is some good stuff!  C. Bautista, Honolulu, HI 

July 10, 07 --- Your product is the best I have ever used. Thanks!  J. Tress, Master's Touch Auto Detailing, South Daytona, FL

July 9, 07 --- Best polish I've used, Best Shine and ease of use. Great Tips! J. Rapisarda, Plainview, NY

July 6, 07 ---  Gord, I was skeptical about the claims of your product, but not anymore.  It was all you claimed and more.  Much easier than other products. Thanks Gord! D. Skinner, Leisure Time Sales, Summerville, GA 

June 28, 07 ---  Awesome product!  I'm almost to the end of my first bottle.  I refinish alloy rims for car dealerships, and your polish works like no other.I've tried them all and none compare to Gords. Keep up the good work, and great products!  Thanks again! M. Rogowsky, All Around Wheel Repair, Columbiana, OH


June 24, 07 ---  I love the chrome polish. I usually get a bottle at each bike showI go to but I haven't been able to get to one for almost two years. I am now out of the polish so here I am.....stocking up. D. Buchen, Los Fresnos, TX

June 15, 07 --- Gord's Polish is Great!  T. Woodgeard, Laurelville, OH

 April 1, 07 --- I used aircraft remover to get the old, scuffed up clear coat off my motorcycle engine casing...then i used the steal wool and Gord's polish like you recommended...and finished off with two layers of polish using the red rags...   My 21 year old bike looks better then most new bikes....  Great product...  Thanks
R Krause, Fruitland, KS

March 31, 07---- The videos you have made (on how-to use your products) are awesome, keep them up. Thanks again, keep the video tips coming. M. Vander Els Charlotte, NC Top Notch Detail

March 19, 07---- This stuff is great, this my second order. Thank you Gord's S. Jones Los Angeles, CA

March 18, 07---- I ordered from you about 6 months ago but finally used it yesterday. It is the easiest polish I have ever used. Thanks for your outstanding product! M. Lowing Elgin, IL

March 12, 07---- Hi Gordon ! I just wanted you to know, that our order we made two weeks ago, has already arrived ! I'm the lady from Holland, that wants to go and polish the Airstream, remember? Since the Airstream is in the storage now, I started to polish our car with the cherry wax ! Wow, it works really smooth and easy, and what a shine, and the aroma, mmm I love it ! Then, I started with the chrome polish on the bumper of the LTD '78, that had a blue shine on it from the exhaust, all gone !!! Took me a lot of rubbing, it seemed like it never stopped staining the rag, it got blacker and blacker ! But now, all gone ! super I'm happy I ordered your stuff,and already put a link to your website on the American car users forum that we have over here in Holland, and recommended you to all of them, so who knows, more shipping to Holland? Beye beye, and wishing you all the best, Kind Regards, K & P. Van Dooren Limburg, The Netherlands

I recommend Big G's Detail & Polishing to anyone wanting a **MIRROR SHINE EVERY-TIME**. Mr. Crissey has given my trucks that new look that is hard to keep in the conditions my trucks run. (Scrap Yard, Landfill, Construction.)
K. McDonald
Mathis, TX.
O/O McDonald Sales & Salvage

9-2-2004---- Gordon & Janice cleaned Hawgslayer on July 2, 2004 and even though I didn't give them enough time to do the kind of job they wanted to, Hawgslayer looked good. I washed him about 2 weeks later and the bugs, road grime and other paraphernalia came right off. The shine was still good, so as per schedule Hawgslayer got another wash, somewhere down the road when I over filled the gas tank, at a car wash this time. The road grime and such came right off good and I still had a shine. I was impressed so I tried some on Baby my 76' Sportster. It shined up the wheels good, That's all I had time to do cause I had to ride but the shine is still there and Hawgslayer still seems to be holding up pretty good it's now Sept. 3, 2004. I'm at C.C. Biker Rally, Gord and Janice are here and Hawgslayer got another cleaning. Both Hawgslayer and I are quite pleased with the results.
Merlin writes articles for Thunder Press and SkunkDots Motorcycle News

**Remember this is a Polish / Sealer all In 1 Bottle!
There's no need to do anything else except let the Product dry completely to allow the Sealer to be applied.
When removing Water and Acid Stains use a Red Shop Rag the results are awesome. The rag does make a difference!



I ordered some of your aluminum polish for my diamond plate tool box and it was the best stuff I ever used. When I get some extra money I will order more. The tool box looks better now than it did new. Thanks for a great product.
L Crooks Seneca,S.C.