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32oz Trucker Kit $99.95

Gord's™ 32oz. Polish, 32oz. Cherry Wet Wax, 32oz. Heavy Duty Wash, 32oz. Speedy Wax, plus Free 4-Red Shop Towels, 4 pcs. # 0000 Steel Wool, 2-Microfiber towel

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We show you how to Polish & Seal all of your Aluminum, Chrome, & Stainless!


2000 "379" Peter - Look at the "Streakin Beacon" staining on the grill
Owner Alamo transport, Taft, Texas (BEFORE)


Look at how Gord's removed the staining.
Mirror Shine Everytime! (AFTER)
We teach you how to restore faster and cheaper then anyboby.


Look at what Gord's polish can make your ride look like.
This tank is sealed for Months. This is a working Gravel truck. 523,000 and brightner stains from BlueBeacon Truckwash's removed.


1997 Freightliner, Owner-Ryder truck, 943,000 miles. Corpus Christi, TX. This was a tank restore. We wet sanded with Gord's Polish and 400, 600 sand paper, then polished to a mirror shine with Gord's, and a Red Shop Rag.


McDonald's Sales & Salvage, Mathis, Tx.~ One of our first test vehicles - Landfill Trucks
Thanks Mr. Mac!


This is the truck Gordon was driving when he invented Gord's. This truck had just came out of the truck wash and after 21 days in the Oil Fields it just washed clean.


1985 Sutphen Fire Truck City of Gregory, Tx. March 5 2004


1985 Sutphen Fire Truck After 10 months and 87 washing's later, Gord's Polish & Sealer in 1 bottle with stands heavy duty applications.