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Gord's Speedy Spray Wax can be used on Dashes, Windows, & Vinyl with "NO" chalky look.

Gord's Speedy Wax is highly recommended by truckers for use in the interior of their Semi Trucks.

Gord's Speedy Wax is also Fantastic on Tinted Windows!

Gord's Speedy Wax leaves a Satin Smooth Feel Everytime!

Gord's Speedy Spray wax is the fastest way to Shine and Protect against harmful pollutants and damaging UV Rays.
Gord's Speedy Spray Wax is the easiest way to clean and de-bug your Lexan Windshield.

Using High Grade Carnuba Wax, Spray On, Rub In, and Wipe Off.
Gord's Speedy Wax will not leave a white chalky look to your rubber seals or plastic areas.

Apply Gord's Speedy Spray Wax to your Black Plastic Area's leaving behind a Wet Look.
Works excellent at removing water Spots on Windows.

Speedy Spray Wax works safely and easily on "ALL" surfaces!

All Volume Measures are in US FL OZ 










Gord's Speedy Wax


12 - 16oz




32 oz.

Gord's Speedy Wax


12 - 32oz




1 Gallon

Gord's Speedy Wax



(4) - 1 gallon



Here at Gord's, all of our Products are 100% Guaranteed!

Gord's Speedy Wax has been proven better then others by Truckers and Bikers Everytime!