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Gallon size of Heavy Duty Wash on Huge Savings! $29.95

5 Gallon size Available also: $99.95 plus S/H $15

 All Volume Measures are in US FL OZ

Heavy Duty Wash


Gord's Heavy Duty Wash removes 7 months of Baked on Tree Sap, Mold, Bird Poop, & Salt Air Residue. Red Clay staining washes right off with ease. The South Texas sun is Sizzling!
In our detail shop we have tried many wash products for removing Tree Sap and Mold. We found NONE that compare to the Heavy Cleaning abilities, and CONCENTRATED strength of Gord's Heavy Duty Wash.



1 Gallon Heavy Wash makes about 45 gallons of strong cleaner.p>

Use Gord's Heavy Duty Wash to remove the filth off your Black casing's on your Motorcycles.

Gord's Heavy Duty Wash CONCENTRATE is a liquid cleaner consisting of alkalis, synthetic detergents and solvents acting together to handle many soils normally requiring strong chemical cleaners.


Gord's Heavy Duty Wash is even gentle enough to clean leather without damaging or drying it out, and strong enough to remove years of dirt and stains. (BEFORE)


(AFTER) 4 years of filth and grime
with Gord's Heavy Duty Wash!

Aluminum, Chrome & Stainless all season polish!

Gord's Your All Season Cleaner, Polish & Sealer! Restore, Clean, Polish, & Seal with Gord's(TM)!