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1-361-643-3998 or 1-866-541-3705 fax


Need answers ~ Call 1-361-643-3998 When restoring heavily oxidized Aluminum such as this diamond plate, Wet (0000)Steel wool with Gord's polish and lightly scrub heavy oxidation. After letting Polish sit WET, soaking for a couple of minutes, wet Red Shop rag with Gord's Polish and rub out water spots and stains. Let polished area DRY COMPLETELY. Sealer will not be as effective when not allowed to dry. Remove Haze for a ~ "Mirror Shine Everytime!"


Motorcycles ~ When removing Clearcoated, or 'chicken pox' look from lower shock tubes ~ generally sand tubes with 220 grit sand paper to remove clearcoating and basic pits. Liberally wet (0000)Steel Wool with Gord's Polish ~ scrub tubes for a few minutes.
Let Gord's Polish sit WET for a minute or 2, and apply Gord's to Red Shop rag and polish. The shock tube on the left was polished Twice, and the tube on the right was polished Once.
"Progressive Shine EVERYTIME!"